How To Sell Your Way Out Of Hard Times


Iyore Ogbuigwe is a highly sought after sales and persuasion expert for local, international and multinational corporations. Iyore is the CEO of Ultravantage Solutions. Ultravantage Solutions is a team of sales consultants who undertake sales consulting, training and recruitment assignments that result in direct contributions to the client’s profitability as measured by monthly or quarterly results.

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The best time to climb an elephant is when it’s on the ground, so also the best time to have your brand before clients is when
the economy is on the ground (a recession, depression or crippled economy). This is because once the elephant gets up you would have gotten up and be far ahead of your competition. Hard times call for a hard push. This is the time to 10X your effort.
Selling is not TALKING but ASKING the right PLANNED questions, then listening to elicit a buying desire. Note here that the buying desire is elicited by your listening not by your talking. Start selling your way out with this ebook


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