Partners / Clients

Iyore’s deep knowledge and experience across a multitude of industries allows us to provide unique and valuable training and counsel to our partners/clients.

Iyore has provided services in Lagos, Abuja, Accra & Houston. He can help your entire global sales organization overcome business development challenges and go-to-market successfully.

Below are just a few of the companies served:

Case Studies

A sale of N8.8 Million was closed on the phone by a sales staff of Chams Access during Iyore’s sales seminar. This was a transaction that would have been moved to another organization outside the country due to the staff inability to close the sale. However, after the module on MECHANICS OF SELLING, the staff applied the closing techniques learned to close the sale RIGHT IN CLASS on the phone.

Iyore concluded a very successful consulting retainer, coaching the telesales team of Jobberman – Nigeria’s foremost recruitment website – to exceptional performance. Immediately after our first training, performance improved by 74% and in a few weeks moved up to a 154% mark.

Jumia is Africa’s number 1 online retailer and Iyore’s training of 14,000 strong sales team across the country was instrumental in establishing their market leadership.

Here are a couple of testimonials from team Jumia:

“Thank you specially for such an enlightening session with you, I wish to mobilize my captains or sales representatives to listen to you even for minutes.“

– Joseph Nyah, JUMIA

“You wowed me with the presentation today. It was a wake up call to improve my sales management.“

– Olaniyi Sefiu, JUMIA

We currently facilitate the sales trainings for ALL the salespeople of GTBank – Nigeria’s most profitable bank. We train them on:

  • Relationship Management Skills
  • The Psychology of Selling
  • Developing Successful Selling Attributes
  • Portfolio Management
  • The Ultimate Selling Process
  • Selling to Affluent & High Network Individuals
  • Practical Application of Using Role Playing Methods.
  • Making Compelling sales Pitches

Here are a few testimonials from Team GTBank;

“He was able to impact positively on my personal beliefs on selling. I’ve realized that there is no limitation to what I can achieve.” 

– Peju Lawason, GT Bank

“The training was in-depth, trainer was well equipped and had huge knowledge of the subject.”

– Samuel Ikpatt

“The trainer connected very well with our on the job experience. I liked the model of training adopted to be employed for the market – Asking questions – It was practical.”

– Martins Ojo, GTBank

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