What are some of the biggest challenges facing sales organizations today?

Iyore’s Sales Training Approach

Great salespeople are critical to the performance of an organization. But its success depends on its sales executives and their capabilities to effectively set goals, objectives, and priorities that align with the larger firm.

In this intensive Strategic Sales Management program, you (and/or your team) will explore characteristics of exceptional sales leadership, and learn how you can boost organizational success through your role as a sales executives in both business-to-business (B2B), and business-to-consumer (B2C) settings.

Through highly interactive sessions instructed by Iyoreand his team, you’ll learn proven sales management strategies and techniques to lead yourself, your direct reports, and your organization.

From designing your sales goals and structure, understanding the customers, and closing the sales with a win-win approach, this Strategic Sales Management program will provide the frameworks and techniques you need to consistently drive high performance.

Typical Topics Covered

  • Understanding your products and the USP
  • Understanding Your Customer & unique their needs
  • Improved Customer Profiling
  • Identifying & Engaging the decision makers
  • Developing Sales Plan & Prospecting Skills
  • The role of Empathy in Sales
  • Managing sales lifecycle-Timing
  • Boosting your Self-Image – Winning attitude
  • Negotiation Mastery
  • Understanding internal Customer Services
  • Practical Case Study (illustrative example)


Natural Learning Outcomes

  • Characteristics of a great sales person
  • How to make a convincing sales presentation
  • Prospecting and after-sales service
  • Dealing with difficult people and questions in selling
  • How to build confidence and handle rejection in selling
  • Improve your collaboration skills between departments
  • Increase your sales organization’s performance by learning strategies to manage up

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